Creating a Shared Direction
Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Mighty Consulting offers a unique planning process – one that is jargon-free, straightforward and creates a clear, realistic plan to help your organization get everyone on the same page to achieve your mission and make progress towards your goals.

There are several different approaches to planning, and often the lingo gets in the way – goals, outcomes, strategies, tactics, etc. Our strategic plans are concise and clearly stated, without jargon and ambiguity, to ensure that everyone – Board members, staff, funders, stakeholders – know where the organization is headed and how it will get there.

We work hard to simplify the planning process and bring everyone together to reach agreement and create excitement about the future direction of the work. We know that you are the experts of your organization, and we’ll rely on your expertise so we can focus on listening, asking critical questions, and drawing out important information to inform the process.

While we tailor our services to each client, we have a consistent method that we have developed over two decades and 50+ strategic planning processes:

  • Clarifying Outcomes. Every planning process begins by asking one critical question of our client: “What do you have at the end of the process that you don’t have now?” We facilitate a process to create clear expectations around the deliverables for the planning process.


  • Information Gathering. The development of key questions to ask internally and externally that provide critical insights for the process. With these key questions and identified stakeholders, we support the gathering of information in partnership with the organization through interviews, focus groups, surveys, document review, and any other means.


  • Presenting the Learnings and Critical Information. Information is collected, analyzed, and presented to decision-makers for key questions: Why is this information relevant and what does it tell us about the organization? Meyer Consulting facilitates an iterative process of presenting, challenging, refining, and presenting again until the information is relevant, clear, and concise and can be used to guide discussions and decisions.


  • Making Decisions. We use our facilitation and leadership skills to move from discussion to decision. Goals are set for each retreat or meeting, and clear roles are established for all participants. Decisions are documented and fed back to the participants to ensure clarity and agreement.


  • Adoption and Launch. We can provide planning, facilitation, and support for the organization as they begin the implementation work and start to operationalize the plan.

“Mighty Consulting  facilitated a potentially difficult meeting for the University of St. Thomas with professionalism, finesse and a keen eye for what all stakeholders wanted to accomplish. He framed the meeting well, both in our planning sessions and at the event itself, so we could move past anger and toward solutions. I’d definitely hire them again.”

Amy Gage
Neighborhood Liaison, University of St. Thomas