Supporting Collaboratives and Partnerships
Leadership, Project Management and Facilitation

The Value of Mighty Consulting Facilitation and Leadership

Collaborations and partnerships are powerful tools for making change, but they often require time and capacity that participating organizations are unable to provide. Too many partnerships spend too much time analyzing the problem and commiserating instead of agreeing on activities and making progress. Mighty Consulting supports collaboratives through facilitation, management, and leadership that allows members to use their time to advance their shared purpose and vision. We bring busy people together, get them on the same page, and make things happen.

Summary and General Description of Activities

Mighty Consulting provides management and leadership to the operations of a collaborative, partnership or alliance, working in partnership and at the direction of a Leadership Team. While we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our clients, we use a consistent approach that has been developed over two decades of supporting these efforts. Our goal is to ensure that your partnership stays focused on the mission and achieves the agreed upon shared goals and outcomes.

Mission, Strategy, and Goals. Mighty Consulting facilitates conversations and meetings to develop a clear strategic focus and annual work plan. We track progress toward the goals, update, and review progress at each Leadership Team meeting. Mighty Consulting ensures that the work of the collaborative or partnership is focused on meeting the goals and objectives of the strategic plan.

Board, Leadership, and Committee Support. Mighty Consulting helps the group create a clear and defined structure and provides leadership and support to ensure meetings are efficient and meet their expected outcomes. This includes the creation of clear and concise meeting materials ahead of each meeting, notes and minutes to document action items and key decisions, and follow-up and task management following each meeting. Support is provided to all committees and work groups, and Mighty Consulting documents and maintains all relevant information.

Financial Management. Mighty Consulting develops and maintains an annual operating budget with monthly reports to leadership to ensure effective use of financial resources. Fundraising strategies are identified and implemented in partnership with members to secure new/additional sources of revenue.

Member Engagement. Working with leadership, Mighty Consulting implements efforts to create an active and engaged membership and generate energy and enthusiasm around the purpose of the collaborative. Strategies are developed and implemented to recruit additional members as necessary to advance the mission.

Represent the Collaborative to the broader community and other stakeholders. Mighty Consulting attends meetings and events as requested to promote and advance the Collaborative’s work. Members’ own efforts are supported with information and materials to engage with stakeholders and the broader community and provide information to the general public as necessary or requested.