Supporting Organizations in Transition
Interim Leadership, Search and Transition Management

Why Get External Help During a Transition?

Losing a leader can create instability, overwhelm staff and board members, and stall key initiatives, but it doesn’t have to. Mighty Consulting is Minnesota’s leading nonprofit interim leadership provider with more than 20 years of experience providing Interim Leadership.

We can step in to effectively lead your organization and send a signal of strength and continuity to your staff, community, funders and other stakeholders. Our experienced short-term stewardship creates the space and stability necessary to move the organization forward while meaningfully addressing issues to prepare for the next leader.


Mighty Consulting offers an array of transition related supports.  We are flexible in our approach and bring our expertise to bear on the issues facing an organization as it goes through transition.  These services include:

  • Interim Leadership
  • Search
  • Transition Management


We can offer these services individually or as a package, based on the needs and desires of the organization.

Interim Leadership

Mighty Consulting works at the direction of the Board of Directors, with oversight provided by an Executive/Transition Committee.  We provide these services in 15-25 hours per week over the duration of the contract period.  We act as the organization’s Executive Leader, managing the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of the organization and supporting the staff and Board of Directors.  Time on the contract will be spent on- and off-site to meet the needs of the organization.  While we limit our engagement to part-time, we are accessible 24/7 during the contract period to ensure continuity of leadership. The amount and schedule of time spent each week is determined by the needs of the organization developed in conversation with the staff and Executive/Transition Committee.


Mighty Consulting supports the organization’s Search Committee to successfully identify and hire their next Leader. We have a defined process developed over the last 20 years of providing effective and affordable search services.  Our search process works to get clarity on the key qualifications and attributes of the next leader, make the right candidates aware of the position, and ensure that the process draws out the best candidates.


We provide effective facilitation, consensus building, and process management to allow Board and staff time to be spent on the interaction with candidates and the selection. The attached template will be tailored at the first meeting of the Search Committee to meet the organization’s needs.

General Transition Support

In conjunction with the other services listed above, or as a stand-alone service, Mighty Consulting is available to provide additional support to the Board of Directors, Executive and Search Committees, and staff to help ensure a smooth transition.  We provide insights, ideas, and solutions on issues that arise during the transition. This can involve support for Board and staff leadership, phone consultation, meeting facilitation, task management, and other types of support to minimize organizational disruption during the transition.


We generally recommend a transition timeline of no longer than 6-months, with extensions considered based on the organization’s situation and progress toward goals.


Roger Meyer and Melissa Martinez-Sones are the lead consultants who provide Transition Services for Mighty Consulting.  Mighty Consulting also works with other Interim Leadership consultants who can be placed at the organization with Mighty Consulting providing the master contract and overall transition management.

All Mighty Consulting consultants work independently and collaboratively with each other and the organization to accomplish the agreed upon outcomes for the contract.

“Roger was very responsive and proactive, understood the issues involved in the unwinding our organization and worked through them methodically and professionally. He was highly confidential and sensitive to the issues at hand. He was a great partner!”


Board Member, St. Paul Public Schools Foundation