Consulting Areas

Interim Executive Director

Losing a leader can create instability, overwhelm staff and Board members, and stall key initiatives. But it doesn’t have to! Mighty Consulting is Minnesota’s leading nonprofit interim leadership provider with more than 20 years of experience providing interim leadership to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations.

We can quickly step in to lead your organization and send a strong message of stability and continuity to your staff, community, funders, and other stakeholders. Our steady, short-term stewardship creates the breathing room necessary to move the organization forward while meaningfully addressing issues that will best prepare the next leader for success.

Transition Management

In conjunction with our other transition services, or as a stand-alone offering, Mighty Consulting is available to provide support to the Board of Directors, Executive and Search Committee, and staff to help ensure a smooth and seamless transition. Our experience allows us to provide insights, ideas, and solutions on issues that arise during times of change and transition.

This work can involve support for leadership, coaching, communications and messaging, meeting facilitation, task management, and other requested support. The goal of this work is to minimize organizational disruption and instill confidence and consistency while fulfilling the organization’s mission and vision.

Executive Director Search

Mighty Consulting loves to support organizations in successfully identifying and hiring their next leaders. We have developed a streamlined process that provides an excellent and affordable search service without an astronomical price tag.

Finding a rock star Executive Director isn’t rocket science and shouldn’t cost $35,000! – we surface key qualifications and skillsets that you’re looking for, make the right candidates aware of the position, and ensure that the process draws out those candidates for consideration.

Our job is to provide effective facilitation, consensus building, and process management to allow Board and staff time to be spent on the interaction with candidates and understanding what they uniquely can bring to the organization.


Our approach to facilitation has been developed over decades of supporting organizations through planning, conflict resolution, and change management. For Mighty this means using our skills to clarify outcomes, gather pertinent information, identify challenges and move from discussion to decision. Decisions are captured in clear and concise language to ensure shared understandings and agreements.

We can be brought in to facilitate one meeting, a lengthy planning process, or anything in between. Our facilitation ensures that you are able to move forward knowing that your process was good and people were heard.

Collaboratives and Partnerships

Collaborations and partnerships are powerful tools for making change, but they often require dedicated time and capacity that participating organizations are unable to provide. Too many partnerships spend their time analyzing the problem and commiserating instead of agreeing on activities and making progress. Mighty Consulting supports collaboratives through facilitation, management, and leadership that allows members to use their time to advance their shared purpose and vision.

We provide management and leadership to the operations of a collaborative, partnership or alliance, working in tandem with and at the direction of a Leadership Team. Our goal is to ensure that your partnership stays focused on the mission and achieves the agreed upon shared goals and outcomes.

Project Management

Mighty Consulting has extensive experience supporting and facilitating projects to make powerful change. Our project management adds capacity to your organization to allow you to use your time and energy to advance a shared purpose and vision.

We’ve launched programs, implemented one-time events, built evaluation plans, managed crises…handled just about anything that you wish you had the extra time to do.

We pride ourselves on bringing busy people together, getting them on the same page, and making important work happen.

Strategic Planning

Mighty Consulting offers a cost-effective and unique planning process that is straightforward and jargon-free to create a clear, realistic strategic plan. Our approach ensures that everyone understands and agrees on where the organization is headed and how you’ll get there.

We aim to simplify the planning process and bring everyone together – Board, staff, funders, donors, partners – to create direction and excitement about the future of the organization and the work. You are the experts of your organization, and we’ll build on your expertise and focus on listening, asking critical questions, and drawing out important information to shape and inform the process.