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Roger and Melissa bring optimism, energy, and fresh ideas to our work, and bring out the same in others.

We bring more than thirty years of relationships, leadership, facilitation, and management experience in nonprofits, partnerships, and community-based organizations.

The team at Mighty Consulting has worked with a wide variety of nonprofits, partnerships, government entities, and community groups as they experience transition. The insights and knowledge gained from our experience allow us to support organizations as they grapple with internal and external change.

Through a facilitative and no-nonsense leadership style, Mighty Consulting builds consensus and keeps organizations, collaborations, and projects moving – supporting them through transition and leaving them stronger and more focused on the other side.

Read about our commitment to Racial Equity

After the murder of Philando Castile and again during the 2020 uprisings, Melissa and Roger increased the time spent reflecting on racial justice and white supremacy culture. We continue to examine our own thinking, feelings, and privilege as individuals, as well as with our business, to find ways to continue our journey as an anti-racist company. We are learning together and with our clients to embed anti-racism in our business. While we do not pretend to have the answers, we understand this exploration is not over and are committed to undoing systems of oppression. To that end, Mighty Consulting demonstrates our commitment to racial justice in the following ways:

  • We continue to cultivate our own individual understanding and skills to practice racial equity through learning, listening, reflection, and relationship-building.
  • We challenge actions, policies, and practices that prevent fair and equitable opportunities.
  • We seek out opportunities to learn and understand the changing dynamics of the nonprofit sector, contribute to its transformation, and support organizations in doing the same.
  • We embrace opportunities to challenge the status quo and address racial equity and justice for organizations that must reckon with their own practices, policies, and histories.
  • We expand and share power with our network of BIPOC contractors and vendors.
  • We recognize this work is ongoing and look for opportunities to learn and grow going forward.

Read more about Our Values

Mighty Consulting is passionate about the outcomes and impact our clients can have on our community. To do our best in supporting organizations, Mighty Consulting brings out the best in ourselves and our clients by grounding our work in the following values:

  • Stewardship. Mighty Consulting works in service to the mission of organizations as stewards of their passion and purpose.
  • Authenticity. We bring our full and authentic selves to our clients, allowing for meaningful connections and relationships that support the work.
  • Stability. Our steady, common-sense approach to decision-making and clear communication is invaluable, particularly during challenging transitions.
  • Clarity. Individuals and organizations benefit from clear and concise communication, and we strive to eliminate ambiguity.
  • Kindness. Change and transition are challenging, and we show up for our clients with warmth and compassion.
  • Fun. Mighty Consulting is serious about the work, but we understand the importance of fun. We bring optimism and energy to client work and leave the ego at the door.


Consulting Areas

Executive Director

Mighty Consulting loves to support organizations in successfully identifying and hiring their next leaders. We have developed a streamlined process that provides an excellent and affordable search service without an astronomical price tag.

Interim Executive

Mighty serves as an organization’s Executive Leader, managing the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of the organization and supporting the staff and Board of Directors. We act as dedicated stewards to ensure continuity and stability during transition.

Collaboratives &

Mighty Consulting provides management and leadership to the operations of a collaborative, partnership or alliance, working in partnership and at the direction of a team of leaders.



Melissa Martinez-Sones
Melissa Martinez-Sones


Meet Melissa
Roger Meyer
Roger Meyer


Meet Roger
Megan O’Leary
Megan O’Leary

Collaborator on Planning and Fundraising

Soniya Coutinho
Soniya Coutinho

Project Associate

Matt Halley
Matt Halley

Collaborator on Oasis

Liz Palmer
Liz Palmer

Collaborator with Talmud Torah

Beverly Bushyhead
Beverly Bushyhead

Collaborator on MIWRC

David Hamilton
David Hamilton

Collaborator on MNSNAP

Linnea House
Linnea House

Collaborator on Adath Jeshurun

Jen Thorson
Jen Thorson

Collaborator on Adath Jeshurun

Hannah Yazvac
Hannah Yazvac

Administrative Associate

What Our Clients Say

Mighty Consulting created a transition plan for me in my ED role at Forecast Public Art, as I was seeking to step down as ED and move into a program that played to my strengths. It was a major step toward my succession plan. Roger helped prepare the board to focus on this challenging effort. It was a good experience, with great facilitation led by Roger. We ended up with a plan and the board ended up hiring a great new leader for Forecast.
Forecast Public Art

Mighty Consulting created a transition plan for me in my ED role at Forecast Public Art, as I was seeking to step down as ED and move into a program that played to my strengths. It was a major step toward my succession plan. Roger helped prepare the board to focus on this challenging effort. It was a good experience, with great facilitation led by Roger. We ended up with a plan and the board ended up hiring a great new leader for Forecast.
Forecast Public Art

Wow Melissa. I am impressed.

In my tenure as a board member, I have never experienced anything as rewarding as the past two days. Thank you for your dedication, commitment, and expertise. We needed you and I feel blessed to have found you.


Mighty Consulting was a great partner in our search for a new Executive Director. They were informed, knowledgeable, experienced and proactive in all of their interactions with our Board, staff and applicants. They also secured an interim ED who stabilized our organization until the new ED was on board. Mighty lived up to their name!
Neighbors, Inc.

Melissa - Nice work today! This morning’s board meeting was a definite mood-booster for me. There is so much going on internally this month, and the uncertainty of the renewals has been stressing me out a bit but stepping back to see what a good place we are in and having you leading the ship feels really good.
Portico Healthnet

We went with Roger Meyer of Mighty Consulting, and I would do it again every day of the week. Roger is a fantastic facilitator and an even finer human, and he would be a reliable and trustworthy partner for your planning process.
Parks and Trails Council of Minnesota

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of your hard work throughout the ED search process. I appreciate you handling all the curve balls with so much grace. I must say I truly think you found our Unicorn! I wish you much success in the future.
Banyan Community

Melissa, I just wanted to call and say thank you for everything that you did to get the Redesign search through to completion... All the time you put into it and your availability at times of short notice and your willingness to push to the schedule that we felt we needed to be on, that was an excellent job. We had a Board meeting last night where multiple people commented on how much of a support you were in the success of the process.
Bush Foundation

Roger Meyer has helped Tiwahe Foundation in so many ways! He has helped us twice with interim organization management, and he recently helped us recruit and hire our new leader. He provided solid advice and steady guidance that helped us through a difficult time, and he left us in a great place to move forward. I highly recommend working with Roger and his team!
Tiwahe Foundation

Our candidate was extremely complementary of you about how you managed the process on P+P’s behalf, and we echo her compliments. Truly. We have sung your praises behind your back throughout the entire process. You were wise, patient, insightful, measured, and enthusiastic at all the times we needed you to be.
Prepare + Prosper

Melissa is a tremendous leader within the HOA. Melissa leads and facilitates the initiatives, working groups and helps drive decisions and the content within the Homeownership Opportunity Alliance.
Homeownership Opportunity Alliance

The energy and work you all have brought to this organization has created a huge shift with staff and it’s beautiful.
OutFront Minnesota

Roger - I hope you know the impact of your work and the opportunity for collaboration and working through issues as they come up has provided increase success, access and placement for everyone we work with for all diagnosis and in all stages of their journey. MN providers and those we serve are incredibly better off because of what you bring to the community.
East Metro Crisis Alliance

As I’ve joined the board (and as a former committee member) it has become increasingly clear how large your role is with CCH and how much of the work that has moved forward has done so under your guidance. You lead in a calm, intentional, and caring manner while always softly keeping the conversations and work moving forward. You model open and thoughtful communication and sharing while navigating the messiness of a growing/changing CCH - so much has happened under your watch.
Center for Community Health

We are so honored to have had the support of you all at Mighty Consulting during the ED transition!
I truly appreciated working with you Roger and Hannah during the recruiting and hiring process, and Donna did an outstanding job as our Interim ED!!!
Neighbors, Inc.

Deep, deep thanks for your leadership these past months, Roger. Learned a ton from you and appreciated the clarity you brought to both my departmental as well as our overall organizational work.
InterFaith Action of St. Paul

The board was very pleased to have you work with us on this project, your ability to synthesize all of our input into very manageable strategic focus areas, and your overall approach. So...thank you for your very good work on this. On behalf of the entire board, thank you!
Mental Wellness Campaign for Anoka County

We had a board meeting this morning and there were many rave reviews of you and Mighty Consulting! Everyone really appreciates the obvious preparation you have put into the work and the use of our time at the recent retreat.
Midway Chamber of Commerce

I wanted to let you know what a tremendous resource Megan has been to Corrie's House. We now have a solid development strategy and plan in place and are midway through a grant request. So grateful for all of the expertise she's provided along with much learning for the Corrie's House team.
Corrie's House

You were amazing – our retreat was so productive and fun with you facilitating!
Studio 501

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