Roger Meyer

Since 1993, Roger Meyer has worked with nonprofit and government organizations through important and often difficult transitions. From taking the reins of small neighborhood nonprofits to providing interim CEO work for Volunteers of America, his work is infused with insights and knowledge gleaned from working with organizations as they grapple with internal and external change.

Through a facilitative leadership style, he builds consensus and keeps organizations and partnerships moving through difficult issues – supporting them through transition and leaving them stronger and more focused on the other side. He brings optimism, energy and fresh ideas to his work – and brings out the same in others.

Roger has a B.A. in Speech Communication from the University of Minnesota, has received a fellowship to study community involvement across the United States, and has received recognition for his work to improve his St. Paul neighborhood. He has served on several non-profit and community boards. His three children remind him daily of his obligation to maintain and improve his community.