Melissa Martinez-Sones

Melissa Martinez-Sones
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Melissa Martinez-Sones started consulting in 2014 and has helped define the spirit of our brand with her passion for community and skill at moving clients and projects forward.

Melissa brings a wealth of leadership, facilitation and project management experience from her work with neighborhood organizations in both Minneapolis and Saint Paul. She’s been an Executive Director for two neighborhood organizations, worked as a Councilmember’s Aide, developed internal policy for the City of Minneapolis, and worked on several complex projects involving a wide variety of elected officials, constituents, and community partners. She focuses on working with all stakeholders to achieve solutions to challenging issues.

Melissa has a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies and Sociology from Hamline University, and a Master’s of Public Affairs from the Humphrey School at the University of Minnesota where she received the Thomas H. Swain Fellowship in Public Leadership.